NWC RecSports

Create or join an IM team


Northwestern intramural leagues are open to students and college employees. League schedules and participation are managed through IMLeagues.com. Create your account one of three ways:

  1. Download the REC*IT app and create your account on your phone. This year the app is FULLY functional, so you can keep track of all of your IM activities on the go!
  2. Use your nwciowa.edu email address to create an account on IMLeagues.com.
  3. Use the button in the upper right corner of the NWC Iowa IMLeagues webpage to create your account with Facebook—but only if your Facebook account uses your nwciowa.edu email address.

Start or join an IM team

Once you’ve created an account, you can login to create or join an “NWC Iowa” IM team one of several ways:

  • Create a team as a team captain and then invite players to join your team. Players who are already registered with IMLeagues can be invited through the website; players who’ve not yet registered can be invited via the website’s “Invite by email address” option.
  • Join a team either by accepting a captain’s invitation or by sending a “request to join” message to a team captain.
  • Join as a free agent, listing yourself as available to play in as many divisions within a league as you’d like. You can request to join a team, or team captains can recruit you.